• Highlights

    The College has a large, well-stocked library, having a balanced collection of books in Commerce, Management, Economics, Mathematics, Computers, English, Environment, Geography, Sports and other topics. The library has approximately 32,000+ books, 18 Magazines, 28 journals, 21-Subject-wise technical periodicals, 02 E-resources, 07 National and 12 Local Daily Newspapers. The Reference Section of the library has valuable Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Dictionaries, etc. The library is enriched every year by adding new books and e-resources. Library has automated by using network based NewGenLib Software. The entire book collection has been barcoded.

    Working Hours

    Section Time Day
    CIRCULATION SECTION 8.00am. to 4.45 pm. Mon to Sat.
    REFERENCE SECTION 8.00am. to 4.45 pm Mon to Sat.
    PERIODICAL SECTION 8.00am. to 4.45pm. Mon to Sat.

    Committee Members

    • Dr. Prita D. Mallya – Principal
    • Dr. Sanjay Sawant Desai – Vice-Principal
    • Ms. Sharmila Kunde – IQAC Coordinator
    • Ms. Manasi D. Rege – Librarian
    • All Heads of the department
    • All Programme Coordinators

  • Media Coverage


    Published Papers

    B.P. Sarath Chandran – Google Scholar Link –>>
  • Subject-wise Journals

    Commerce and Management

    1. 1. Indian Journal of  Finance
    2. 2. Journal of Arts Science & Commerce
    3. 3. Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies
    4. 4. Journal of Commerce and Management Thought
    5. 5. JIMS8M: The Journal of Indian Management & Strategy
    6. 6. IIMS: Journal of Management Science
    7. 7. Siddhant: A Journal of Decision Making
    8. 8. Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers
    9. 9. Research Revolution: International Journal
    10. 10. Journal of Marketing Vistas
    11. 11. Indian Journal of Marketing
    12. 12. Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management



    1. 1. Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research
    2. 2. Journal of Governance & Public Policy
    3. 3. Journal of Economic Policy & Research
    4. 4. Journal of International Economics
    5. 5. The Asian Economic Review
    6. 6. Indian Journal of Economics
    7. 7. Arthshastra: Indian Journal of Economics & Research
    8. 8. Man & Development
    9. 9. Artha Vijnana
    10. 10. Indian Journal of Economics Business
    11. 11. Indian Economic Review
    12. 12. The Journal of Institute of Public Enterprise



    1. 1. Resonance: Journal of Science Education
    2. 2. Ramanujan  Mathematical Society



    1. 1. Indian Journal of Computer Science
    2. 2. International Journal of Data Mining and Emerging Technologies


    Subject-wise Technical Periodicals


    Commerce and Management

    1. 1. The Management Accountant
    2. 2. Corporate Professional Today
    3. 3. Forbes India
    4. 4. Harvard Business Review
    5. 5. Energy Manager
    6. 6. Fortune India
    7. 7. Governance Now
    8. 8. Indian Management
    9. 9. The Chartered Accountant Journal
    10. 10. Business Today



    1. 1. Seminar
    2. 2. The Indian Banker
    3. 3. RBI Bulletin
    4. 4. Southern  Economist
    5. 5. Dalal Street Investment Journal



    Competetive Exams

    1. 1. Pratiyogita Darpan (English)
    2. 2. General Knowledge Today
    3. 3. Competition Wizard
    4. 4. Competition Success Review
    5. 5. Careers 360



    1. 1. Digit
    2. 2. Data Quest
    3. 3. Electronic Bazaar
    4. 4. Open Source For You
    5. 5. Electronic For You
    6. 6. PC Quest
    7. 7. Express Computer


    General Magazines

    1. 1. Outlook
    2. 2. India Today (English)
    3. 3. Health & Nutrition
    4. 4. The Teenager Today
    5. 5. Women’s Era
    6. 6. Femina (English)
    7. 7. Time
    8. 8. Inspirational Quote
    9. 9. The Week
    10. 10. Down to Earth
    11. 11. Education World
    12. 12. University News
    13. 13. Yoga Quest


    List of Newspapers available in the library



    1. 1. The Navhind Times
    2. 2. The Goan Everyday
    3. 3. Herald
    4. 4. Goan Observer
    5. 5. Gomantak (Marathi)
    6. 6. Tarun Bharat (Marathi)
    7. 7. Navaprabha (Marathi)
    8. 8. Employment News
    9. 9. Goa doot (Marathi)
    10. 10. Lokmat (Marathi)
    11. 11. Dainik Herald (Marathi)
    12. 12. Pudhari (Marathi)



    1. 1. Times of India
    2. 2. The Hindu
    3. 3. Business Line
    4. 4. Economic Times
    5. 5. Indian Express
    6. 6. Indian Financial Express
    7. 7. Deccan Herald



    1. 1.
    2. 2. N-LIST


  • February 2019

    1. NO.
    01 Fundamentals of Investments Sem IV Dr Harip R. Khanapuri
    02 Accounting for service organizations Sem IV Dr. Manoj Kamat and Dr. R. Sathish
    03 Collective Bargaining & Negotiation Dr. P B Rayate
    04 International HRM Dr. P B Rayate
    05 HRM- Concepts, Policies & Practice Dr. Prakash A. Deshmukh
    06 Human Resource planning & Development
    1. Murugan
    07 Industrial Management R N Misra
    08 GST Goods & Service Tax Dr. Prakash A. Deshmukh
    09 Research Methodology in Economics Dr. R K Ippar
    10 Statistical methodology for Economics and Commerce Viresh Pathak
    11 E-Commerce P C Jain
    12 Event Management H R Padia
    13 Contemporary Management Rashid Merchant
    14 GST-Impact on the Indian Economy Dr. Prakash A. Deshmukh
    15 Reforms in Indian banking sector Dr. Vijaylaxmi sharma
    16 Indian financial system K V Somandah
    17 E-Banking Yogesh Patinge
    18 Green economy
    1. P S Kamble
    19 Black money & Indian economy Dr. Jaywant Bhadane
    20 Cashless India & digital Economy Dr. Jaywant Bhadane

    January 2019

    1. NO.
    01 Power Talk: Insights from Asia’s Leading Entrepreneurs Lam, Karen
    02 Computer Applications F.Y.Bcom Sem-I Pandya, Laxmi B
    03 Upanishad Shankar, Ravi
    04 Introduction to company Law Singh, Avtar
    05 The Constitution of India Lexis , Nexis
    06 Company Law: A comprehensive Textbook on Companies Act 2013 Kapoor, G.K.
    07 Nota Bandi ki jai ho (Ekakika sangrha) Masurkar, Pramod
    08 Eak paul paryavarnakade (Ekakika sangrha) Masurkar, Pramod

    October 2018

    01 Designing the Internet of things Mcewen, Adrian
    02 Entrepreneurship 9th ed. Hisrich, Robert D.
    03 Sourcing and Supply chain Management 5th ed. Handgield, Robert B,
    04 Management of a sales Force 12th ed. Spiro, Rasann L.
    05 Sales and Distribution Management: Decisions Strategies and Cases Still, Richard
    06 Principles and Practice of Banking Bareja, K.L.
    07 Legal and Regulatory aspects of Banking Bareja, K.L.
    08 Sea Prayer Hosseini, Khaled
    09 Learning Python Lutz, Mark

    September 2018

    01 Marketing of Financial Services Avadhani, V.A.
    02 Management of Indian Financial Institutions Srivastava, R.M.
    03 Indian Economy: Development Experience 36th ed. Puri, V.K. & Mishra, S.K.
    04 Science Tale: Lies , Hoaxes and Scams Cunningham, Darryl
    05 The End of Plenty: The race to feed a Crowded World Bourne, Joel K.
    06 Asap Science: Answers to the world’s weirdest questions, most persistent rumours and Unexplained phenomena Moffit, Mitchell
    07 A Textbook of Business Law Sem –III Pai Angle, Reshma Nikhil
    08 Income Tax & Goods & Service Tax Sem-V Singavi, Vaibhav & Bhat Subrahmanya

    August 2018

    1 Financial Services 9th ed. Khan, M.Y.
    2 Management of Indian Financial Institutions Srivastava, Divya Nigam
    3. Entrepreneurship: New Venture creation Holt, David
    4 Dynamics of Entrepreneurial development and management Desai, Vasant
    5 Students Guide to Income Tax A.Y. 2018-19 Singhania, Vinod
    6 Human Resource Management (Text & cases) Khanka, S.S.
    7 Materials Management:  A supply chain perspective (Text & cases) 3rd ed. Chitale , A.K.
    8 World class Supply chain Management : the key to supply chainmanagement 7th ed. Burt, David N.
    9 Advertising Media Planning 7th ed. Sissors, Jack Z

    July 2018

    1 Students Handbook on taxation A.Y. 2018-19. Singhania, Vinod
    2 Economics of Resources Sem-III Sathish, R.
    3. Auditing –I Sem- V Kamat, Manoj S.
    4 Business Finance Sem –III Sathish, R.
    5 Fundamentals of cost Accounting  Sem-III Kamat, Manoj S.
    6 Materials Management Mishra Rajendra
    7 Introduction to Materials Management Chapman, Stephen N.
    8 Advertising Management 5th ed. Batra, R. Johan
    9 Financial Services & Markets Avadhani, V.A.

    June 2018

    1 Internal quality  Assurance system 7 Action points Hegde, Ganesh A.
    2 Cost and Management Accounting Sem-VI Bhat, K.M.Subrahmanya
    3. G.S.T: A simple Approach Bhat, K.M.Subrahmanya
    4 Probing Perspectives : A Critical Study of Mahabaleshwar sail fiction Budkuley, Kiran
    5 Students Guide to IncomeTax including G.S.T. 59TH ed Singhania, Vinod K.
    6 Direct Taxes law & Practice 60th ed.A.Y.2018-19 Singhania, Vinod K.
    7 Advanced Accounting Paper –I Sem-V Sathish, R.
    8 Financial Accounting Sem-I Sathish, R.
    9 Systematic  Approach to Taxation Income tax & GST 39TH ed. A.Y.2018-19 Ahuja, Girish
    10 Entrepreneurship Development  Sem-III Sathish, R.

    March 2018

    1 Organisational Behaviour Aswathappa K
    2 Organisational Behaviour Fred Luthans
    3 Organisational Behaviour John W. Newstrom
    4 (IC-11) Practical of General Insurance Insurance Institute of India
    5 (IC-01) Principles of Insurance Insurance Institute of India
    6 (IC-14) Regulation Insurance Business Insurance Institute of India
    7 (IRCC-03) Risk Management in Insurance Insurance Institute of India
    8 (IC-78) Miscellaneous Insurance Insurance Institute of India
    9 (IC-74) Liability Insurance Insurance Institute of India
    10 GST Law and Practice with Customs Law (for CA Final May and November 2018 examinations) Datey, V.S.

    February 2018

    1 Dispossessed stories from India’s Margins Parulkar, Ashwin
    2 The Target :the decimation of jignesh Shah’s global empire. How he broke the market monopoly and the price he paid. Ray, Shantanu Guha
    3 Dress Code :the naked truth about fashion Arntzen, Mari Grinde
    4 A  full night’s thievery Phukan, Mitra
    5 Surviving Domestic Violence: Gender, Poverty and Agency Wilcox, Paula
    6 A Night with a Black Spider Ambai
    7 Oprah Winfrey: A Biography Garson Helen S.
    8 No path in Darjeeling :is Straight Memories of a hill town Bhattacharya, Parimal
    9 Environmental Geography Imam, Jafar
    10 International Business and Global Climate Change Pinkse, Jonatan

    January 2018

    1 Marine Environment Singh Rana Vikram
    2 Environmental Management in Mining Areas Singh, Anoop Kumar
    3 Sustainable Development and Environment Singh, Chandrama
    4 A Village Dies: Your invitation to a memorable funeral Arthur, Ivan
    5 Tibetan Caravans: Journeys from Leh to Lhasa Radhu, Abdul Wahid
    6 Harilal &  Sons :a novel Saraf, Sujit
    7 The Paper Menagerie and other stories Liu, Ken
    8 The Modi Myth Singh, S. Nihal
    9 Multiculturalism, Religion and Women : Doing Harm by Doing Good? Macey, Marie
    10 One Out of Two Sada, Daniel

    December 2017

    1 Modern Banking  theory and practice Muraleedharan, D.
    2 Banking Theory Law and Practice Shekhar, K.C.and lekshmyshekhar
    3 Modern Banking In India Agarwal, O.P.
    4 Basics of Banking and Finance Bhattacharya, K.M. and Agarwal , O.P.
    5 Practical Banking and Advances Bedi H.L. and Hardikar, V.K.
    6 Production and Materials Management Bhat, K. Sridhara
    7 Mining and Environmental Sustainability Kumar, Rajesh
    8 Environmental Pollution and Health Hazards Kumari, Veena
    9 Eve Out of Her Ruins Ananda Devi
    10 Up campus, Down campus: the adventures of Anirban Roy in JNU Ghosh, Avijit
    11 Priests of Prosperity: How central Bankers Transformed the Postcommunist world Johnson, Juliet
    12 Tales of the Metric System Coovadia, Imraan

    November 2017

    1 Introduction to Information Technology ITL Education Solutions Limited,.
    2 General Management F.Y.Bcom  sem-I &II Kale, N.G.
    3 Elementary Business Mathematics Vaidya, M.L.
    4 Elementary Business  Statistics Deshpande, A.V.
    5 Environment Reader for Universities Richard Mahapatra &
    6 Principles and Practices of Banking Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
    7 Basics of Banking Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
    8 Banking Products and Services Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
    9 Practice and Law of Banking Khubchandani, B.S.
    10 Banking Theory Law and Practice Srivastava, P.K.
    11 Banking Law and Practice Varshney, P.N.

    October 2017

    1 GST Ready Reckoner Pandey, V.S.
    2 Goa GST Manual: Law Practice & Procedure Prabhu Verlekar, V.B.
    3 Direct Taxes Law &  Ass. Year 2017-18 Manoharan, T.N.
    4 Autobiography Anderson, Linda
    5 Year 7007 : Fable of a forgotten planet Vijayakumar, A. K
    6 The Art of Thank You :Crafting Notes of Gratitude Leas, Connie
    7 Homi K. Bhabha Huddart, David
    8 The Frankfurt School and its Critics Bottomore, Tom
    9 Personal Excellence Shelton, Ken
    10 Economics for Business Appannaiah, H. R.
    11 Principles of powerful Living Rubino, Joe
    12 Max Weber Parkin, Frank
    13 You get one shot art life aim for success Lumpkin, Aaron
    14 The Power to succeed: 30 principles for maximizing your personal effectiveness Rubino, Joe

    September 2017

    1 Issues and Challenges of Development. Pattanaik, B.K.
    2 Introduction to Development Studies. Pattanaik, B.K.
    3 A Textbook of Microeconomic Theory. Tandon, Pankaj
    4 Environmental Economics: Theory & Applications. Singh, Katar & Shisodia, Anil.
    5 Principles of Econometrics: An Introduction(using R) Hatekar, Neeraj R.
    6 Intellectual Property Law.3 ed. Narayanan, P.
    7 Law relating to Intellectual Property Rights. 2. Ed. Ahuja, A.K.
    8 Competition Law in India.2.ed. Roy, Abir Kumar, Jayant
    9 Law of Contract:  Specific Relief. Singh, Avtar
    10 Banking and Insurance Agarwal O.P
    11 Banking and Insurance Satyapal Sharma
    12 International Business Environment Anant Sundaram and Stewart Black
    13 International Business Aswathappa, K.
    14 International Business Management Vyuptakesh Sharan
    15 International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace Charles Hill and Arun Jain
    16 International Business: Text and Cases Francis Cherunilam
    17 An Audit of My Life: Reminiscences of a Chartered Accountant in Goa Daivajna, Ganesh
    18 Retail Management Chetan Bajaj, Rajnish Tuli,Nidhi Varma Srivastava
    19 Law Relating to Intellectual Property Rights Ahuja, V.K.
    20 Law of  Contract: A study of the contract Act, 1872 Singh, Avtar

    August 2017

    1 The International Business Environment: Text and cases Sundaram, Anant
    2 The Theory of Co-operation Sharada,V.
    3 Banking and Insurance Agarwal, O.P.
    4 Student’s Guide to Income Tax:Including Service tax/VAT/Excise Duty/Customs Duty/ CST Singhania, Vinod K.
    5 Student’s Handbook on Taxation: Including Income-Tax, VAT,Central sales Tax, service tax, Central Excise, CENVAT Credit and Customs Law) Manoharan, T.N.
    6 Business Research Methodology Sachdeva, J.K.
    7 Insurance Management Sahoo, S.C.
    8 Direct Taxes: Law & Practice Singhania, Vinod K.
    9 Merger, Acquisition and corporate restructuring Sinha, P.K.
    10 Corporate restructuring : Merger, Acquisition and other forms Bhagaban,  Das
    11 Co-operation Kumar, Ajith
    12 Banking theory Law and Practice Gordon, E.
    13 First Step towards the stock market in India Thakur, V.K.
    14 Direct Tax T.Y.Bcom Sem –V  Ass. Year 2017-18 Singhavi, Vijay
    15 New Dimensions of cooperative Management Kamat, G.S.

    July 2017

    1 International Business Aswathappa, K.
    2 Cooperation :Principles, Problems and Practice Hajela, T.N.
    3 Cooperative Management: Principles and Techniques Nakkiran, S.
    4 Micro Economic Theory Jhingan, M.L.
    5 Banking and Insurance Sharma, Satya Pal
    6 Driven by Passion: Narratives of First Generation Entrepreneurs Amballoor, Renji George
    7 Cooperative Marketing in India and Abroad Singh, L.P.
    8 Retail Management Bajaj, Chetan
    9 Quantitative Techniques for Business Managers Bharadwaj, R.K.
    10 Sustainable Development :Environment , Energy &waterResources Roy, Ghosh M.K.

    June 2017

    Sr. No. Title Author
    1 Management of Indian Financial Institution. Srivastava, R.M.
    2 Financial Markets and Financial Services. Desai, Vasant
    3 Advance Financial Management. Pawan
    4 Management Accounting. Jayachandran, R.
    5 Management Accounting. Madhegowda, J.
    6  Quantitative Techniques for Business Managers. Bharadwaj, R.K.
    7  Cost and financial Analysis. Lal, Jawaharlal
    8 Human Resource Management. Badi, R.
    9 Insurance Management. Sahoo, S.C.
    10 Merger, Acquisition and corporate restructuring. Sinha, P.K.
    11 Corporate restructuring : Merger, Acquisition and other forms. Bhagaban,  Das
    12 Banking theory Law and Practice. Gordon, E.
    13 Foreign Exchange. Gopal Krishnan, P.G.
    14 Principles of Management. Ramasamy, T
    15 Principles of Management. Narayan, K.
    16 Principles of Management. Vishwanathan, R.
    17 Indian Financial Markets. Tripathy, N.
    18 Corporate Governance. Machi Raju, H.R.
    19 First Step towards the stock market in India. Thakur, V.K.
    20 Practical Derivatives. Saini, A.L.
    21 Cost and Management Accounting. Arora, M.N,
    22 Analysis of Financial Statement. Saini, A


    May 2017

    Sr. No Title Author
    1 You ‘re the password to my life. Nagarkar, Sudeep
    2 It Started with a friend Request. Nagarkar, Sudeep
    3 It Happens for a Reason. Shenoy, Preeti
    4 It’s All in the Planets. Shenoy, Preeti
    5 Land Laws of Goa.  Prasanna Timble
    6 Research Methodology. Krishnaswami, O.R.
    7 Business Research Methodology. Sachdeva, J.K.
    8 Enterprises Resource Planning. Zaveri, J.
    9 Financial Markets and financial Services. Desai, Vasant
    10 Economics for managerial Decisions. Pandey, K.M.
    11 Indian Economy 34th ed. Puri, V.K.
    12 The Indian Financial system and Development. Desai, Vasant
    13 International Financial Management. Avadhani, V.A.
    14 Tourism Marketing. Jha, S.M.
    15 Financial Markets and Services. Gordon, E.
    16 Financial Services in India. Avadhani. V.A.
    17 Quantitative methods for management and economics. Chakravarthy, P.
    18 Security Analysis and portfolio management 12th ed. Avadhani, V.A.
    19 Organizational Behaviour. Kumar, Niraj
    20 Management and organizational Behaviour. Rao, P.S.
    21 Advance Accountancy. Arulanandam, M.A.
    22 Financial Derivatives and Risk Management. Agarwal, O.P.
    23 Practical Derivatives. Saini, A.L.
    24 Case studies in Management. Vernekar, S.S.
    25 Analysis and interpretation of financial statement. Murthy, G.


    April 2017

    Sr. No. Title Author
    1 Microeconomic Theory.  Jhingan, M.L.
    2 Concise Encyclopaedia of Olympics. Mustaquim, Muhammad
    3 India’s First Democratic Revolution: Dayanand Bandodkar and the Rise of the Bahujan in Goa. Parobo, Parag D
    4 Raw Earth. Moniz Barbosa, Alexandren
    5 INDIA: A Wounded Civilization. Naipaul, V.S
    6 Snapshots of Indo-Portuguese History-I. Pinho, Vasco
    7 Snapshots of Indo-Portuguese History -II: Rise and Demise of Estado da India. Pinho, Vasco
    8 Snapshots of Indo-Portuguese History -III: Panjim Then……..and Now. Pinho, Vasco
    9 Snapshots of Indo-Portuguese History -IV: State institutions and Civil Society. Pinho, Vasco
    10 The Mastery Manual: A Life- Changing Guide for Personal and Professional Greatness. Sharma, Robin
    11 Sea of Poppies. Ghosh, Amitav
    12  Frescoes in the womb. Vas, Isabel de Santa Rita
    13 The Best of O.Henry. Henry, O
    14 In to The Diaspora Wilderness. Carvalho, Selma
    15 Goan Pioneers in Bombay. Albuquerque, Teresa
    16 Over the Top: Moving from survival to stability, from stability to success, from success to significance. Ziglar, Zig
    17 Lengthening Shadows: An anthology of Goan Short stories translated from the Portuguese. Melo e Castro, Paul
    18 The White Tiger. Adiga, Aravind
    19 Beyond the power of your Subconscious Mind. Jensen, C James
    20 New Songs of the Survivors. Vaz, Ezdani, Yvonne
    21 Step into Your Greatness: Unsinkable: powerfully take Action move forward and create a life you deserve! Ricotti, Sonia
    22 Fifty one Greatest Modern Heroes : Heroes who changed the world. Otto, Lucas
    23 Goa Remembered. Fernandes, Pantaleao
    24 Money, Banking , International Trade and Public Finance. Jhingan, M.L.


    March 2017

    Sr. No. Title Author
    1 Quantitative Techniques for Business Managers Bharadwaj, R.K.
    2 Sustainable Development :Environment , Energy &water Resources Roy, Ghosh M.K.
    3 General Studies Paper – I for civil services preliminary examination Chand, Tara
    4 Public Matters: Speeches and Debates in the Goa Legislative Assembly and in Parliament (1972-2003) Faleiro, Eduardo
    5 Karmelin Mauzo, Damodar
    6 O To Be In Goa Today Alexyz
    7 Matanhy  Saldanha the Legend Sawant Wadkar, Santosh
    8  Guiding Souls: Dialogues on the purpose of life Kalam, Abdul APJ
    9 You are Born to Blossom: take my journey Beyond Kalam, Abdul APJ
    10 Making India Awesome Bhagat, Chetan
    11 The Many Faces of Sundorem Women In Goa Gracias, Fatima da silva
    12 From Coconut trees to oil wells Fernandes, Anthony veronica
    13 Can Love Happen Twice? Singh, Ravinder
    14 The power 30 principles for maximizing your personal effectiveness to succeed Rubino, Joe
    15 The World ‘s Best Inspiring stories Xavier Francis G.
    16 The Action-Centred Leader Adair, John
    17 The Confidence Factor Ashdown, Annie
    18 Few things  left unsaid Nagarkar, Sudeep
    19 M S DHONI Memom, Ayaz
    20 A Biography: Stephen Hawking Larsen, Kristine
    21 The Street to the Highway Bajpai, Vineet
    22 Virat Kohli, Memom, Ayaz
    23 Sachin Tendulkar:  Master blaster Memom, Ayaz
    24 YUVI Waingankar, Makarand
    25 Portuguese sea forts Goa with Chaul, Korlai and vasai Kanekar, Amita



    February 2017

    1 Career Planner by Naik, Vaman R. The author has focused on the various careers like Bank Probationary officers, Chartered Accountants, Business Managers, Chartered Financial Analyst, Civil services exams, Company secretaries, Cost and Work Accountants, Commercial Pilots, Defence Services, Beauticians and Air-hostess.  Career planer
    2 Reignite: Scientific pathways to a brighter future by Kalam, A.P.J. Abdul This book features exciting and cut-edge careers in areas such as robotics, aeronautics, neurosciences, pathology and material sciences- in other words, careers that are going to make a difference in the future.  Reignite
    3 Ordinary to Extra ordinary by Patel, Minocher It’s a self-improvement book on success and happiness. It’s a roadmap for India’s aspiring generations through the obstacles and struggles of life, through their fears and insecurities, to the invaluable wisdom and awareness that comes from treading the path. This book invokes a change in people’s life.  Ordinary to Extra Ordinary
    4 ACE against odds by Mirza, Sania This is a story of India’s most iconic player who beat incredible odds to get to the top of her sport. Sania writes with candour of the hardships along the way. This is a must read to every person.  ace-against-odds-by-_071116011511
    5 The Invisible Man by Wells, H.G. It’s a gripping and entertaining tale of terror and suspense. The Invisible Man- endures as one of the signature stories in the literature of science fiction.  The Invisible
    6 The Story of my Life by Keller, Helen The extraordinary account of Helen Keller’s struggle to overcome the challenges of being deaf and blind- a masterpiece of modern biography.  The_Story_of_My_Life_Cover
    7 Think Big by Okawa, Ryuho The author focuses on emotions, positive thoughts, success and courage.Emotions in our life oscillate between feelings of inferiority and overconfidence, but we can lead ourself successfully into the future of these two words” Think Big!’.  think big
    8 From Coconut Trees to oil Wells by Fernandes, Anthony This book tells the story of 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, as seen from a Goan perspective. It also glances back at Goan migration to Kuwait over the decades.  from coconut
    9 The Pilgrimage by Coelho, Paulo A Contemporary Quest for Ancient Wisdom.  the-pilgrimage-pb-cover
    10 The One You Cannot Have by Shenoy, Preeti A modern- day romance of unrequited love, of complicated relationships and about moving on when you realise there will always be the one you cannot have.  The-One-You-Cannot-Have-SDL162694273-1-901df
    11 I am Malala by Yousafzai, Malala It’s a story of a girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban.  Malala
    12 Be all You can be: a challenge to stretch your potential by Maxwell, John C. The author points out the possibilities within us and then provides simple game plans for transforming those possibilities into realities.  Be all you can be
    13 The Naked Liberal by Menezes, George It’s an anthology of George Menezes’s writing.  The naked liberal
    14 Mary, of Carisbrooke by Bares, Margaret Campbell A story of royal hopes and misfortunes, the tale of a charming girl who is as romantic and alluring as she is smart and bold. Loyal to herself and to the crown, Mary’s brush with history reveals just how quickly fate can shift the path of power.  Mary
    15 Pearls of Wisdom by Canfield, Jack The Author deals with Inspirational Ideas to live your best life.  Pearls of wisdom
    16 1001 ways to Motivate Yourself and others by Kim, Sang H. Discover what it takes to successfully motivate yourself, your colleagues, your team members, your students, your employees, your customers, even your boss to make your life easier and more productive. This book is packed with hundreds of proven, effective ways to get yourself moving on the road to success. 1001 ways to motivate
    17 Mother Teresa: an Authorized biography by Spink, Kathhryn This book is a glimpse into her extraordinary faith, work and life.  Mother Teresa
    18 Business Communication by C.S.G. Krishnamacharyulu This book focuses on Written Communications and Oral communications.  Business Communication
    19 Eleven commandments of life maximization by Nair, Santosh The author tells us the brutal truth of why we are where we are and how to live our life.  Eleven Commandments
    20 You are born to blossom by APJ Abdul Kalam This book is an account of how Dr. APJ Kalam visualizes Information and Communication Technology mining the rural talent. He presents his dream of schools in India at 2020, as symbiotic nerve centres connecting teachers, students and community.  you are born to blossom

    New Arrivals (JANUARY 2017)

    1 Campus Recruitment : Complete Reference Praxis Groups
    2 Indian Economy 72th ed. Datt, Gaurav
    3 Bank financial Management Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
    4 The Power Trip Collins, Jackie
    5 Business Mathematics Dikshit, Amarnath
    6 Mathematics and Statistics Goel, Ajay
    7 Clerical Cadre Recruitment in State Bank of India Datason, R.P.
    8 IBPS Bank Probationary officers Management Trainees Preliminary common written examination Sharma&Khanna
    9 GPSC And Allied posts Examination on Goa Administration Rajhauns
    10 Birds of Goa Grewal, Bikram
    11 Business Leaders who Changed the world Deexler, Kateri
    12 Breaking Barriers : Success stories of India’s Leading Businesswomen Krishnan, Janaki
    13 Indian Business Etiquette Palat, Raghu
    14 Something for Nothing : why we do the things we do Tracy, Brian
    15 Born Again on the Mountain : A story of Losing Everything and finding it back Sinha, Arunima
    16 House of Cards Murty, Sudha
    17 The Story of Google Gilbert, Sara
    18 Alert Active Alive at 100 Naik, Digambar
    19 Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology Kumar, Rajeev
    20 Olympic Movement Mohammad, Osim
    21 Something Happened on the way to Heaven : 20 inspiring Real-Life Stories Murty, Sudha
    22 The Secret Notebooks Thomson, June
    23 The Great Indian Diet : Busting the big Fat Myth Shetty Kundra , Shilpa
    24 Life is Beautiful Martin, Tony
    25 Better Than Good : Creating a life you can’t wait to Live Ziglar, Zig



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  • The Library is accomplishing its task of reaching to a specialized academic community. The Library provides access to high quality electronic databases being made available through campus network to faculty members, students and research fellows. Some databases are also accessible through the UGC-INFLIBNET Digital Library Consortium and The library is managing its information through NewGenLib Library Management Software for printed books, non-book materials like e-books, e-journals. The library also promotes open access to e-resources. Past years exam question papers are made available and accessible on College NAS Server.




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    An online public access catalog (OPAC) is an online database of materials held by our library. Users search a library catalog mainly to locate books and other material available in a library. The OPAC can be accessed through campus network -intranet .
    2  images  India’s largest resource of Socio-economic statistical information & Data. A Comprehensive insight on the Demographics, Industries, Market, Agriculture ,Economy, Health, Education etc.
    3  nlist The N-LIST provides access to e-resources to students, researchers and faculty members. The authorized users can access (6,000+ ejournals and 31,35,000+ ebooks )e-resources and download articles required by them directly from the publisher’s website.
    4  NDL MHRD under its National Mission on Education through ICT has initiated the National Digital Library of India (NDLI) to develop a framework of virtual repository of learning resources with a single-window search facility.
    5  Research Research Revolution Journal indexed with UGC India. Research Revolution is an international, online open access, double blind peer reviewed, refereed, …
    6  Shodh The Shodhganga@INFLIBNET Centre provides a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access. The repository has the ability to capture, index, store, disseminate and preserve ETDs submitted by the researchers. 
    7  Pathshala It offers e-content  of 77 subjects at postgraduate level. High quality, curriculum-based, interactive content in different subjects across all disciplines of social sciences, arts, fine arts & humanities, natural & mathematical sciences, linguistics and languages is being developed under this initiative named e-PG Pathshala. 
    8  DOAJ DOAJ is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals.
    9  Untitled JECR is an open access peer review research journal.The journal focuses on electronic commerce including their theoretical foundations, infrastructure, and enabling technologies.
    10 IJMS  IJMS is an open access peer review research journal that publishes articles in the field management science. The journal serves as a bridge between worldwide scholars and management science researchers. The journal aims to provide the most complete and reliable source of information on recent developments in business studies.
    11 IJCMS  IJCMS is an open access peer review Tri-Annual research journal that publishes articles in the field commerce & management. The journal serves as a bridge between worldwide scholars and commerce and management studies researchers.
    12  Economics Economics is an online journal dedicated to publishing high quality original research across all areas of Economics.
    13 download


    The peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia, where knowledge is curated by communities of experts.
    14 Census  Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India (ORGI), Provisional Population Totals of India & States/UTs.
    15  cambridge The most popular dictionary and thesaurus for learners of English. It provides meanings and definitions of words with pronunciations and translations.
    Explore the fact-checked online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands of objective articles, biographies, videos, and images …
    17  SOS S.O.S. MATHematics is your free resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations! The perfect study site for high …
    18  index  The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world.
    19  index The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 189 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.