Debate Competition Conducted In M.Com Department

The Debators’ Floor Club of the Post-Graduate Department of Commerce (M.Com) of VVM’s Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics organized the second debate competition in collaboration with TY B.Com for the academic year 2018-19 on 05th February 2019. The topic for the debate was ‘Reservation for General Category: A Progressive or Regressive Step?’ Students from TY B.Com and M.Com participated in the debate.

The Debators in the ‘Progressive’ team were – Ms. Kanifa Cotta, Ms. Shrisha Malkarnekar, Ms. Pooja Kerkar, Mr. Shrey Kulkarni, Ms. Veronica Pereira and Mr. Mihir Prabhudessai.

The Debators in the ‘Regressive’ team were- Ms. Devika CC, Ms Urvi Naik Gaonkar, Ms. Ariti Singh, Mr. Kartik Kattagadi, Mr. Deepak Biradkar and Ms. Lisa D’Sousa.

Ex- students of VVM’s Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics, Mr. Digamber Bondre and Ms. Afrah Jamadar were the judges for the event and the moderator for the debate was Mr. Akshay Naik, faculty, M.Com Department.

The students put forth meaningful and valid arguments and interjections. Non-participating students formed a very enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

The Winners were as follows:

  1. ‘Progressive’ Team-
  2. Shrey Kulkarni (M.Com Part II) – Best Speaker
  3. Pooja Kerkar (T.Y.B.Com) – Best Interjector

‘Regressive’ Team-

  1. Devika CC (T.Y.B.Com) – Best Speaker
  2. Kartik Kattagadi (T.Y.B.Com) – Best Interjector

The debate concluded with the judges awarding certificates for the winners.