NCC (Army/Navy)

  • NCC_Army_NavyThe NCC Army and Navy Wings inculcate the values of patriotism and service to the nation among our young boys and girls, and also offer them ample opportunities for character formation and personality development.

    Year after year, the NCC Army unit has consistently won the Best Parade and Best Drill prizes at the Independence Day parade at Campal, Panaji. Besides this, cadets win individual prizes at shooting and firing events.

    The NCC Navy Wing deputes students to participate in exciting sailing and para-sailing events, Nausainik camps, etc. All NCC cadets participate in the annual 10-day camp, where again they come away with a bagful of prizes.


    Committee Members

     ts10 Dr. Edwin B. Barreto (Army Wing)
    ts120 Ms. Mamta Kumari  (Naval Wing)


  • Navy Activity Calendar


    • Independence Day,
    • Sadbhavana Day Celebration,
    • Vanamahosthav
    • RD Camp Selection


    • Sailing Camp


    • Annual Training Camp


    • NCC Day Celebration
    • Nau Sainik Camp


    • AIDS Day Rally
    • Goa Liberation Day Celebration


    • NIC Camp Republic Day Parade


    • “B” Certificate Examinations


    • “C” Certificate Examinations

    Army Activity Calendar

    • Regular parade every Sunday – Drill , weapon training , Map reading , adventure activities
    • One day tracking camp
    • Overnight camp
    • 10 days annual training camp
    • Republic day camp / thal sainik / national integration camp etc.

  • NCC Cadets who participated in Republic Day Parade at New Delhi:

    NCC (Army) Name of the Cadet Year
    1. Cadet Rohit Pagui 2018
    2. Cadet Devika C 2017
    3. Cadet Divya Nagvenkar 2016
    4. Cadet Joel Saldanha 2015
    5. Cadet Prajyot Ekoskar 2013
    NCC (Navy) Name of the Cadet Year
    1. Cadet Purushottam Narvekar 2018
    2. Cadet Akshay Sarawad 2017
    3. Cadet Sasmita Malik 2016